IJN filed the first cases on behalf of men imprisoned in the US Military's treacherous Bagram prison in Afghanistan. For the next nine years, IJN worked tirelessly to convince US courts that detainees indefinitely detained at Bagram - without charge, trial, access to legal counsel, or any meaningful opportunity to challenge their detention - were entitled to judicial review in US courts. Since Bagram's closure, we have continued to advocate for the release of our clients who remain imprisoned in Afghanistan.



The Namibia Judicial Capacity Building Project is a partnership between the Namibian Ministry of Justice, the University of Namibia's Law Faculty, and the University of Maryland School of Law International Clinic.






 IJN is monitoring human rights abuses in the Philippines, where hundreds of activists and members of the media who criticized the regime have been murdered. IJN asks: Is the "global war on terror" being used as a cover for politically motivated murder and oppression in the Philippines.


IJN represented the family of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani mother of three who is currently imprisoned by the US Government in Texas. Dr. Siddiqui alleges that after she and her children were abducted and separated in Karachi, Pakistan in 2003, she was held in secret captivity for over five years. IJN was instrumental in the return of two Siddiqui children. One child is still missing.