April 21, 2015, New York, NY. Amnesty International issued a report today condemning the US government’s failure to take effective measures to end impunity for the unlawful abuses committed as part of the CIA’s torture and detention program. The report, USA: Crimes and Impunity, highlights the case of International Justice Network (IJN) client Redha al-Najar, one of the victims of the CIA’s secret program. The report details the nature of Mr. al-Najar’s enforced disappearance from Pakistan in 2002 and the torture he endured while imprisoned at CIA black sites for nearly 700 days. Mr. al-Najar's horrific abuse was first described in the Executive Summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA torture, released to the public in December 2014.

Also in December 2014, the Senate provided copies of the full 6,700 page report to major agencies of the US government. However, the agencies buried the report, refusing to even review its contents, let alone investigate the abuses and pursue measures of accountability for those responsible. USA: Crimes and Impunity strongly criticizes the Obama administration’s failure to act in the wake of the release of the Senate report. According to Amnesty International, “Instead of scrutinizing the report, examining the failures that led to the systematic abuse of detainees, and holding perpetrators accountable, the Obama administration is continuing on a course charted by its predecessors in the Bush administration and engaging in a de facto amnesty for the crimes under international law of torture and enforced disappearance.”

Amnesty International’s report, USA: Crimes and Impunity, is available here.

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